The Past

As impossible as it is to dwell on any changes one could have made to change a life, we transgender folk seem to always do it.

Take away the fact we are trying to do one of the most impossible things to do in a life (changing a gender) and it turns out we trans people are always trying to figure out a way to have done it better.

One example is timing. Those who transitioned later in life, like me, always have the nagging ideas such as what would have happened if we would have attempted the big move earlier in life. 

The easy answer for me is I probably could have accomplished so much more. I spent so much energy and torment trying to live with my gender dysphoria. 

When you factor in all the outside factors such as family, society, etc, it just hurts my noggin to even think about it. 

My example is if I would have followed my first finance’s lead and told the Army I was gay when they came a knocking during the Vietnam War draft. She gave me the option of serving or her. As painful as it was at the time, if I had chosen her, I would have missed out on such tremendous life experiences as having my daughter and traveling over three continents in three years on Uncle Sam’s dime. Now I’m happy I didn’t choose her!

Still it wasn’t good enough. At times I resent the years I spent just trying to live up to the macho code. I can rationalize it all now though by thinking I was just ahead of my time. I was just waiting for the world to catch up. As far as transgender community goes, the good “ol” days weren’t so good. After all, I remember men being arrested for just dressing like women. 

I could go on and on about the torment of growing up as a boy wanting to be a girl but none of that does any good anyhow.

Maybe I should just keep thinking about how things are, not how they should have been. I am happy where I am now. If you ever would have asked me how it all would end up to this point, I would have not believed you anyway.

Dwelling on the past is useless anyway.

Impossibly High Heels

Connie commented on a recent Cyrsti’s Condo post which involved high heels, beer, and coffee:

“So, you don’t need high heels to be impossibly high, just a couple of micro brews! Actually, some of those beers have a lot more alcohol content, so a couple of them could be like drinking a six-pack of Bud Light.

I’ve noticed that wearing “impossibly high heels” could give reason for a couple free beers, bought for me by men (gay or not?). I don’t know that my makeup is perfect, but it is perfect for me! I do think about my presentation, and how striving for perfection may be outing myself more easily. Still, when the occasion is fancy enough for it, I will go ahead and doll myself up – and lift myself up, too. Five-inch heels are no problem for me to navigate any room! For me, the daily blend gets boring, and I relish those few times a year when I can throw caution to the wind. I wasn’t too tall in my 5″ heels that time when Sean Kemp sent over a drink and an invitation to join him at his table! I’ve always joked about that incident, in that Sean had so many children by so many different women, he must have felt I would be a safe and cheap date. ūüôā

I’m glad to hear that your foot is better, by the way. Not that I expect to also hear you’re wearing impossibly high heels, though. ;-)”

For sure, high heels have a mystical erotic value. Even a sense of power for men and women. Sean Kemp surely would agree!

The beer I was drinking was a bourbon barrel stout which carried an 8% alcoholic content. By comparison, when I worked in the bar business years ago, we had to make sure Coor’s Light wasn’t buried in the cooler where it would freeze. The alcoholic  content was so low. 

I felt bad that even if I can’t wear high heels anymore, I couldn’t even drink more than two stout beers. I don’t feel too badly about not being able to wear high heels anymore, self preservation at my age is a priority!

Transgender Acceptance

Sunday was a very busy day, with many different errands to run and people to see. 

It was a beautiful sunny fall day, perfect weather for leggings and my powder blue light sweater. Plus, for once in a very long time, I felt healthy with no aches or pains in my foot. Naturally, it made walking so much easier and I did a lot of it. 

Before we left, I had a chance to see CBS News Sunday Morning show on the television. One of the show’s features was a revisiting of a show five years ago with several transgender kids. It was very well done and I have added a link here if you haven’t seen it. I would check it quickly before it goes away. 

Then,we started the day by going to a large game/restaurant venue to pick up what turned out to be a very generous donation to this years Cincinnati Witches Ball. The place had just opened so there were very few people around to notice or be noticed.

From there, we headed back across town to attend a memorial for a dear friend who passed recently. His sister was holding the memorial for his partner in a local tea/coffee shop. As Liz headed for the rest room, I was left to negotiate the ordering process. Since I am not really a tea drinker, I opted for a dark roast coffee and ordered Liz her tea. In the midst of a very busy venue, I received extra ordinarily good service I thought and most of it came because I am transgender. We were asked at least three times if everything was OK. 

Ironically, I am fairly sure I wasn’t the only trans person in the room. I was introduced to the “wife” of an obviously very gay man. I was impressed by how the trans woman could navigate the crowded surroundings in a pair of impossibly high heels. In fact, the shoes, combined with perfect makeup (to me) gave her away. Plus, she refused to make eye contact at all. 

Next, it was time to say our sad goodbyes and head to a very busy grocery store for our weekly shopping. Other than dodging mean old people in electric carts, the whole trip was very mundane. People aren’t there to notice anyone and the clerks are in “check out and get out” mode. 

Our next stop was a fun one. We had a Witches Ball committee meeting at the place we are having the ball next week…one of the bigger local micro breweries. They have a big party room we are renting. The meeting always gives me a chance to sample one or two of the brewery’s fall offerings. These days, two are about all I can handle! We were able to sit outside and conduct the meeting and figured out we were still missing a couple items for a gift basket we are setting up an auction for. So, it was time to leave the brewery, another very accepting place and head to a giant specialty beer store and purchase items for the basket. 

The beer store is attached to a huge grocery store, so again Liz and I had to walk a long way to even find the beer section. Find it we did and our day was almost over. 

As we made our way back home, I had a chance to reflect back on the day and how far I have come in the world as a transgender woman.    


Somehow, someway, I have been able to line up a couple speakers of color for this year’s Cincinnati “Transgender Day of Remembrance.” Now, all I have to do is find a couple more before the November event on the 20th.

The whole situation has taught me how isolated I am from the transgender community as a whole and in particular, transgender people of color.

The event itself is turning out to be an evening to be proud of. We have a class venue which is donating it’s space free. With plenty of room for the participating groups, such as HRC, GLSEN and Crossport to set up in. Crossport is the local transgender – cross dresser support group I am part of. 

Photos of the deceased trans people who died in this country this year will be presented on  an endless loop during the event and even a showing of the short documentary film on Leelah Alcorn will be shown. You may (or may not) remember, Leelah was the transgender teen who committed suicide locally around here a couple years ago. Her parents were forcing her to go through a Christian form of gay conversion therapy.

Even the catering is being set up to satisfy the needs of Vegan and Kosher attendees. 

So far, so good on the planning! 

Group Tears

Last night’s transgender – cross dresser support group meeting at times was very intense. For example, we had a first time participant show up who is not transgender but has two trans kids. Ironically, she wants to be able to connect with them but can’t seem to. More than likely their is probably another detached spouse pulling the strings. Through her tears she managed to say she “thinks” Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is involved , which is the “Gold Standard” for trans care in the area for anyone 24 or younger. 

Another interesting attendee was struggling to put into focus who they really were. Even though, they are starting HRT and most of work knows, they still use the terminology “dressing up” as a woman and not dressing as their “true self”. 

Also in attendance were two totally new peeps, one still dressed as a guy. Neither said a whole lot except one owned a new “old school” board game shop fairly close to our house. 

More tears came after the new peeps when one of the trans women who brought her wife to the last meeting read a letter from the wife. The letter delved deeply into the struggle she was having accepting the “death” of her husband and the ability to being able to move on if she had too. 

Between her and the woman with the two trans kids, I realized once again the severe distress gender dysphoria can cause. 

I hope everyone’s time at the meeting was valuable. Even the young trans woman who has a boy friend who knows she is trans. Haven’t seen her for a long time but she is transitioning really well. 

Balancing her story is a sad one. One of the nicest transgender women I have ever met went through all her gender surgeries with flying colors, found a man who again knew of her past but went ahead with plans to get married anyhow. However, before the date, he backed out saying people in the small Kentucky town he was from were calling him gay. More tears.

Maybe I should check my hormone levels! 

Staying up Late

Last night’s monthly dinner social with the transgender – cross dresser group we are part of came off as predicted…good food and over by nine. About that time, word started to spread about a Cincinnati Pride kick off party at a old restored theater. Since Liz had the day off Friday, we decided to go.

The crowd at the kick off party was predictable but fun. I am fairly sure I was one of the few transgender people in the venue. Most of the participants were gay men interspersed by lesbians and drag queens. In particular one drag king performer put on a sexy burlesque show which was dynamite.

To make a long story short, I drank too many beers and stayed out late but a good time was had by all. 

Are Females Women?

This Cyrsti’s Condo post was actually from 2013 but I thought it was still relevant today:

Recently on one of the thousand of television shows I watch, I heard the comment “She’s a female but that doesn’t make her a¬†woman” Unless I was missing something, a genetic woman said it. So true it is.

Since that time, I have been bouncing around the idea of another post in my noggin called “Are Genetic Women Human Too?”

Let’s see if I can toss them both into the Cyrsti’s Condo kitchen blender and see if anything good comes out.

The last time I looked¬†both¬†genders¬†are¬†human! ¬†I knew all that college biology I almost flunked would come back to help me! YAY! ¬†OK, back to the blender. Females aren’t necessarily¬†women¬†but yes they are still human. Now, lets toss in some spices from our culture. Both are fairly rare, so we may have to use a lot!

The first spice is a little gritty and comes from the base of a¬†pedestal. ¬†As I jump around the never never land of the Internet, I still am dazzled by the sisters in my culture who hoist females up on a pedestal for worship purposes. Certainly females are the “keepers of the flame”¬†currently¬†in our race because of their birthing ability. Past that kids, the days of wives in suburbia living fairy tale lives are gone and females are out in the world competing hard to make it. ¬†But if want to put them in your bubble bath world- that’s cool. ¬†This is a large pedestal so the little bit of it we use won’t affect it’s stability.

The second spice is also so very rare and maybe a little sweet if you find it. The spice is the very mystical “if I could find a woman to show me “the ropes” of a feminine existence, I could shortcut the real learning process, and get to the “promised land.”

As you could tell, I¬†may¬†be a tad jaded in my assessment of the spices needed so I’m going to add an extra helping of chocolate to flavor our drink.

Now, unless you are as scattered as I am, you need a bit of translation. Very simply female is a birth issue, woman is a lifestyle choice. ¬†The same as being born male but your transgender noggin is screaming NO! Secondly, females or women¬†do¬†come from another planet than men but it is¬†not¬†the pink warm and fuzzy world you put up on a pedestal and proclaim undying loyalty to. And finally, there are a few of the magical mystery women willing to take you to¬†the other side.¬†You may live with one and bless her heart! Unfortunately from my perch here in the “web-o-sphere” the spousal response I hear most about is “Take your dresses and the next sound you will hear will be from my divorce lawyer.”

So there you go. I hope you enjoyed your beverage. ¬†On occasion I try to “bundle” several thoughts and tie them in with feedback I get here in Cyrsti’s Condo and a couple other places I participate in. ¬†The final parting thought I can leave you with is: the next time you are out and feeling really insecure about yourself as a woman-take heart, there could be plenty of females around you feeling the same about themselves.

Now have some class and quit making noise sucking on that straw!

How Quiet Can it Be?

I am looking ahead to another fairly quiet weekend. Except for Sunday.

This Sunday is the Transgender Day of Visibility in Cincinnati and we (Liz and I) plan on going to it. The weather is supposed to be chilly but fairly clear, so it will be interesting to see how many people show up. More interesting perhaps will be the number of sponsoring entities who set up.

 As I have written before, the professional baseball team (in a good year) is playing a few blocks away from the event, so it will be interesting how many people get scared away. One way or another, I look for a fairly good turnout. Plus, all the cross dressers in their heels may not want to walk the amount of distance it will take to get to the event location around a big downtown fountain.

Also, I have not totally ruled out Saturday night. It
is always a possibility for a social event too. The cross dresser who has had this huge crush on Liz has seemingly found another lust object, so the invitations may be on the decrease.

What a shame! ūüôā