Trans in Trumpland

Sounds like a sick fairy tale doesn’t it? 

Actually it’s a new documentary produced by Trace Lysette  (below)The four-part series, created by New York City-based TransWave Films and directed by trans filmmaker Tony Zosherafatain and produced by Jamie DiNicola, follows four people as they engage in the fight for transgender equality in the United States during the Trump presidency.


Every so often, there comes a time (or times) when we as a transgender community seem to be taking steps forward. Of course the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding employee protections for trans and gay workers is one of those moments. No matter how brief it is before we face another major ruling, it’s good to see one go our way! 

Then, there is the documentary on Netflix called “Disclosure“. It is written and produced by leading transgender creatives and thinkers who share heartfelt perspectives and analysis about Hollywood’s impact on the trans community. It’s directed by transgender filmmaker Sam Feder.
Of course Laverne Cox is involved too.
Lets not forget too the massive black trans lives matter march which recently. This is a view from New York City: Times could be a changing!