The Weekend

It’s amazing under the quarantine for Covid 19 how fast the weeks come and go. It seems like yesterday when I was enjoying a frosty blended Margarita on the patio of our favorite restaurant. When it was last Saturday. Now it seems, the only trips outside the house I have are my walks in the morning and the occasional medical visit. Which are even rarer since I even see my therapist now on a VA televisit set up. 

Next week, I have a virtual therapist appointment and the pre mentioned Mammogram to go to. In the meantime, I am still awaiting word on how my hormone tests went from my Endocrinologist. For some reason, in the past, the results have not been recorded on a VA on line site which contains all my personal records. 

Just in case, I called the Endo doc’s nurse and told her I went to have the prescribed blood labs done and (by the way) I have been thrilled with the results so far. Even my partner Liz has commented she has noticed the changes going on. 
I wonder when the virus finally moves on, I will look back on this period of quarantine on the Cyrsti’s Condo blog and wonder just how this transgender woman found things to write about. 

Since my Mtf gender transition has taken me past the predominant makeup and clothes topics, it has been tough.


Finally, after eight long days, my partner’s 22 year old son who lives with us, test for the Covid 19 virus came back. Fortunately, it was negative. Unfortunately, he works at a casino and goes right back to work tomorrow. 

Now at least, I can get all get all my requested blood labs completed at the Dayton, Ohio Veterans’ Administration. 
Thanks to all of you who checked in to send encouragement! 

It’s All Fun…until it isn’t

Well, my visit to the see the vampires came to a screeching halt Tuesday. It was my Veteran’s Administration appointment to have my blood labs checked for my Endocrinologist and Hematology doctors.

My 22 year old partner’s son who works at a nearby casino came down with a severe sore throat and had to be checked for the Covid 19 virus. So I called and postponed my appointment until we receive news back on the test.

I didn’t mention he lives with us in a small house and could easily spread it to the rest of us. Since I in particular am highly at risk, the virus could easily be a death sentence for me.
However, I make it a personal promise not to jump off any bridges until they are built. So we will see what happens.
I just wish everyone I see not wearing a mask would wear one and for goodness sake, quit listening to Benedict Donnie and gay Mikey Pence who say this whole thing is a media hoax. It isn’t if it invades your own house.

Home Alone

This is quite the comment from Connie. It has to do with my comment concerning paranoia spending any real time alone due to the effects of the Corona 19 virus:

“I have a difficult time falling asleep without the TV on, myself. In fact, I have a difficult time staying awake while watching TV any time after 9:00 PM. Many times I’ve awoken to some infomercial being shown at 3:00 AM while I’m still laid back in the recliner. At that point, there is no sense going to bed, if it’s a work day, since my normal wake-up time is 4:00 AM. If I were to retire to the bedroom to go back to sleep, though, I’d have to turn on the TV there in order to do it. Without the TV on, I can’t turn my brain off. The trouble is that, when I should be sleeping, my brain will turn all-OC on me – rehashing everything that really only required a passing thought. The TV is just enough of a distraction to keep this from happening.

There are very few TV shows that are so good that I really regret missing the second half of them. I’ve often wondered if I might be finishing the plot lines in my own dreams, but I don’t remember many of my dreams, anyway. Most of them are probably no more interesting than the show that had put me to sleep in the first place!

I’m trying very hard to resist the temptation of reflection these days. I have so many things that need my attention in the here-and-now, and the uncertainty of the world around me is out of my control. I’ve lost some work, my wife has been asked to stay at home without pay indefinitely, and our governor has announced that he is seriously considering mandating that anyone over the age of 65 not to work at all. I don’t know how they would police that, and I already joked to my boss that I might have to start a half-hour later to give me more time on my makeup in the morning – I only need to look 64. 🙂 Geesh, I’ve been a trans woman so long that there was time I could have been arrested for presenting as a woman on the street. Now, that’s OK, but I could still be arrested for being an old woman on the street. Without enough income, though, I may have to resort to living on the street (in which case, the police wouldn’t even give me a second look in this city).

I am trying to live as close to what was familiar to me before this Covid-19 thing started. There’s no way to keep up with the changes coming, sometimes by the hour. Having a job to get up for every morning helps, but I still will get up and ready for the day if the work goes away – maybe at 6:00 AM instead of 4:00, though. And I’ll end the day falling asleep to the TV, too!”

 Indeed we have entered scary times. Our three income family just lost one income and our main source of money (Liz) maybe forced into part-time hours…or worse. My income comes from Social Security which these days has been under attack from the current administration. Fortunately I have not let it bother me to the point of being up all night watching the television.