More Visibility

Perhaps you have heard (or have seen) Boston has named a transgender model Ava Glasscott as a co-parade Marshall for this year’s Pride Parade. Here is more background on Ava (below):

 “Ava represented the State of Massachusetts in the Miss Trans USA Pageant 2018. She is the first post-op transgender contestant from New England to represent her Community in a National Pageant. The story of Ava’s journey as a trans model has been featured by NBC Boston and the WCVB-TV show “Chronicle.”  Ava made a cameo in Amy Schumer’s 2018 movie “I Feel Pretty,” which was filmed in Boston. She also appeared in the documentary film “All Stars: The Changing Face of Drag (2016)”, which she promoted at RuPaul’s DragCon in Los Angeles.”

What a great  choice for a huge event.

Girls Day Out

It turns out, our yard sale was a very relaxing experience.  I was there with my partner Liz and two other women part of the day Saturday and the whole day Sunday. The weather turned out to be excellent. 

Being in the company of women has always felt more comfortable to me, so it was no real surprise this would be any different. 

As you can see in the picture, that is me lounging out to the far right. 

Even the red neck village was sort of well behaved. I only saw three Confederate flags on the back of pick up trucks and motorcycles. 

My only personal challenge was leaving with Liz for a bit on Sunday. We went down the street to a convenience store for snacks and a rest room break. As it turned out, the place was nearly empty and we got in and out with out even a glance from the cashier. 

As the day went on, I did have a chance to sit back and reflect on my past. I wondered to myself the differences in hanging out with women rather than men. To me, for the most part women are more laid back when dealing with each other and change when men come around. An example was when a man was waited on versus a woman. The man always received more attention. I guess that is human nature but it’s interesting to see when you have walked both sides of the gender frontier. 

The weekend turned out to be fun.

Green Power

Long ago when I first started down the long feminine path to living full time, I learned many of the retail clerks I interacted with didn’t care I was cross dressed, only that I had money. 

Little did I know, way back then, I was touching the basics of an up and coming LGBTQ economic force.

Yesterday, I received an email from Elouise alerting me to an article called “The SMB Guide to Success in the LGBTQ Market. 

I call it the “Anti” Chick fil a/Hobby Lobby post. Two decidedly anti LGBTQ companies. Here is the beginning of the article from  Website Planet:

“If you own or manage a small or medium-sized business (SMB), this article is for you. With less resources to play around with, SMBs must pull on all available resources to effectively work with and market to a wide customer base focused on interests, not social demographics.

That’s why SMBs must begin building strategies to effectively market to and work in an LGBTQ-affirming world.

The LGBTQ market is one of the fastest-growing sectors out there, and it’s becoming an increasingly valuable customer base across all industries. In fact, according to GayStar News, a conservative estimate on the size of the global LGBTQ market is $3.7 trillion – that’s a huge market that could be left out of your customer base unless you take the right steps. This community is also particularly sensitive to social issues.”

This is a very good in depth piece,  if you would like to read it follow the link above!

Top 20 LGBTQ+

Out Magazine” has published an article I thought you may be interested in…the 20 LGBTQ+ People Who Changed the World. Quite a few of them perhaps you have heard of, others not so much. 

Each one though, shares a top spot and a thank you for helping our lives along to be just a little bit better. They also provide banners of inspiration to help us along in the difficult years to come.  

It’s not a surprise, but the “uber” talented “Laverne Cox”leads the list.

Laverne Cox

Follow the link above for more!

Transgender Troops

As you all probably know, I am a transgender veteran and am one hundred percent against “commander coward’s” (Rump’s) ban on transgender troops.

Laila Ireland
Laila Ireland, an Army Veteran, poses on Monday, May 13, 2019 at her friend’s house in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Laila transitioned while serving when it was against policy to do so. Rachel Woolf for CNN

I often wonder though, what is happening to the trans troops caught in the middle because of the senseless ban. Through my seemingly endless travels for blog information, I happened upon this CNN Politics report called “What it’s like to be transgender in the military as new recruits are banned.” For the most part, the article revolves around the relationship of the “Ireland’s” a trans couple. Logan is a combat medic based out of Fort Carson, Colorado who has served missions in Afghanistan,

Logan Ireland
Logan Ireland, Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force, poses on Monday, May 13, 2019 at his friend’s house in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ireland transitioned while serving when it was against policy to do so. Rachel Woolf for CNN

His wife, Laila, transitioned while in the Army and now works at the Army Hospital in Colorado Springs. Logan had the support to transition from his command, Laila didn’t,

Here you go, a human look at the problems caused on the front lines by a fat spineless jerk who has never served.

For the record I think,  at one point in time you could grandfather yourself in as transgender in the military. Now though, since the deadline has passed you need to either leave the service or go back in the closet.


Have You Watched Pose?

To be truthful with you, I haven’t. But, after reading this post from “Film Daily“, I found out why I should:

“Pose is stacked with milestones. The FX drama features the largest transgender cast in TV history and boasts the first transgender woman of color to direct an episode of television, thanks to the talents of best-selling writer Janet Mock.

Those are some outstanding foundations to rest a show of this power upon, but dig deeper and Pose is harboring even more firsts. You can even bingewatch S1 now on Netflix if you want a rewatch or need to get your fix.

Pose is one of the first shows in a long time that we’ve so passionately gone crazy for. Within the eight episodes of the near-flawless first season, it’s proven itself luminous, devastating, life-affirming, horrifying, majestic, profound, and nothing short of mesmerizing.

The writing on Pose is masterful, bounding between heavy sociopolitical and LGBTQI issues against a period backdrop of the 80s, while capably serving up an entertaining narrative – not an easy feat at all”

For more of the post, follow the link above!

Memorial Day

Seemingly every year I echo the same message…Memorial Day is so much more than just a three day holiday.

Memorial Day is just the way it sounds… a day to honor our servicemen and women, past and present.

These days, it is especially important to remember the transgender troops who are being discriminated against. by the Washington led administration (coward in chief).

It is also important to remember all the troops who silently paid the ultimate sacrifice without ever having the chance to live life as their authentic selves.

Please take a moment to remember and thanks to all of you who have served or are serving.

Busy Weekend

The Memorial Day Weekend is turning out to be busier than I expected. First of all, since I am a transgender veteran, I am very cognizant of the fact the weekend is much more than a three day holiday. I will have more on that in my Cyrsti’s Condo Memorial day post.

In the meantime, Liz and I are joining friends tonight at the usual Italian restaurant we go to on a regular basis. Then, Sunday morning, we are joining my daughter’s family for breakfast. It turns out my oldest Grandson is heading out to North Dakota to be a Boy Scout lifeguard for the summer.  So it will be the last time we will see him for awhile. 

He seems to break the mold of the usual teen aged boy who only wants to set around and play games. 

The weather has all of the sudden caught up to the fact it is almost June and we are experiencing temperatures near 90 degrees (F). The weather will give me an excuse to wear my other new sleeveless tank top. The ombre’ top I wore to graduation can’t be worn again in front of the same people, so I may wear it tonight with a pair of leggings. For a whole different group of people.  Then I could wear the other top Sunday, which is a gray color with an geometric black pattern. 

Monday we are saving to cookout here at the home front…just ourselves. 


Graduation evening this week went very well.

The family started out with a BBQ tailgate in her honor in the parking lot outside Wright State’s arena. Wright State is a medium sized state university in the suburban Dayton, Ohio area which has a pretty good sized arena. Much too big I thought for one high school’s graduation. I was wrong though, because surprisingly, it was almost filled to capacity.

As I sat down to my BBQ, I felt overdressed in my long skirt and sleeveless “Ombre” top  The top on the model above approximates the style, not the color. 

I didn’t have time to think much about it though because about the time we sat down to eat, a light rain began to fall. We were forced to head on into the arena to get our seats. The good news was we got good seats, the bad news was we had to sit in them for three hours.

To my surprise, my Grand-daughter immediately appeared on the “Jumbo Tron” big screen in the arena and presented a topic with another girl on how the graduates were like all the flavors of ice cream in the world. Of course i wondered to my self how many of the grads were LGBTQ!

All too soon though, the graduation was over and we made our way back out to see the new graduate and head home. There are some pictures floating around and if any of them find their way to Facebook, I will share them with you.

Throughout the evening I didn’t notice any stares or glances, so that was good and my Grand-daughter seemed to really appreciate me being there. What really surprised me though was the lack of tears on my part.

For another completely different graduation experience, let’s check in with Connie:

“When my grandson graduated a couple years ago, I would have cried, except he was such as goofball about it, going for the big laugh on stage. I do get a bit sentimental when I look at the picture of the two of us afterward, though. It was the first time, after a few years of him getting used to the “new me,” that we hugged and he put his arm around me for the pic. It’s a reminder that our own transitions are so dependent on the transitions of those close to us.”

Well put!

Transgender Veteran!

Avalisa Gallo served four years in the Air Force before leaving the military to complete her MtF gender transition.

Now, she is the first transgender Nebraskan to compete for a national pageant crown. The pageant she is competing in is called the  All-American Goddess. It’s the  first pageant system to allow all types of transgender men and women to compete nationally. 

“People don’t see me as a woman, that’s the issue,” said Gallo. “In Omaha, there’s not a lot of trans women of color that are out and being visible and that’s because its not safe.”

She’s since been advocating for transgender rights. She reads to children in the community focusing on the book, ‘I am Jazz,’ a story about a transgender girl. She also has a video blog where she opens up about her journey.

Good luck Avalisa!