Trip to the Vampires

Yesterday was time to get my blood work taken at the Dayton Veteran’s Administration. 

The trip was very uneventful except for the person  who checked my body temp for covid symptoms as we entered the hospital. Evidently we had the air conditioner set too low because my body temp was 2 degrees too cold! I told her I probably was half dead  and off we went. 

The good thing about going on Saturday is, there are very few people seeking blood work. It was true again as I was the only one  in the waiting room. 

I had to have seven vials of blood taken plus I was supposed to leave a sample of urine. The technician gave me a choice and I said no. So, I suppose I will be in trouble with which ever of my doctors who ordered it.  It just continues my long standing evasion since the Army from peeing in the cup. All in all, I am always looking for a way to shortcut the system. It’s been years since I have tried any marijuana edibles so drugs are out. I am old and boring.

For the trip of approximately an hour and a half one way, I wore an decidedly VA outfit. A short sleeve rather form fitting tank top with flared jeans. 

So all in all, except for a sore arm it was a good day.

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