A Face in the Crowd

Several pictures have emerged from the transgender – cross dresser social event I attended the other night.  

Since I had to wait at the bar to find out where I paid for my drink at, I was one of the last ones to be seated and thus showed up in the picture 

I am at the bottom right of the picture next to my good friend Lawren. I believe nineteen attended.  

Even though I am rather shy, I did have a good time.


  1. Keep being your beautiful self—love that you have the strength to be out and proud in public! It’s truly an inspiration for LGBTQ people like me who are slightly hesitant to show my true colors in public. It’s easy to be out and proud online but I’m still afraid to be my full true self in public. Working on it though! ❤

    1. cyrsti says:

      Give it time to grow into your authentic self! Thanks for the wonderful comment :)!

      1. 🤠🏳️‍🌈💕

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