Don’t Worry be Happy

Yesterday I attended the first of two webinars I scheduled for myself between now and the end of the month.

The one yesterday was on the subject of humor and elderly care givers. The facilitator did a good job keeping the subject on point until it came time to end it promptly. I had other things to do so I didn’t stick around to make my point. 

I was going to mention the difficulty yet priority of using humor as a positive tool when you are a transgender woman or trans man. I find when I am meeting a new person for the first time if I am able to break the ice with a nice smile it makes the whole experience go smoother. Whatever people think of my feminine presentation, there still is the fact I am a big thick person. Also I try to be aware most people have never met a transgender person before and don’t know how to act. Then, there was the woman at the post office the other day who was killing me with kindness. 

Personally, I prefer using a smile rather than try my sometimes sarcastic and wicked sense of humor on a person I don’t know. The best part about it now is at least I have nice teeth to do it and can start to not wear a mask anymore to show them off.

Finally, what I took away from the whole webinar was, if you can condition yourself everyday to start your day on a positive note, the happier overall you will be.

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