A Dress for a Band Aid

 I follow a blog called “Jenny’s Journey” from down under in Australia. Her most recent post concerning her gender dysphoria brought back a distant unpleasant memory with me. 

In the post, Jenny (above) described how her gender dysphoria was bothering her and her wife noticed. From what I can figure out, the wife does not support Jenny’s gender issue totally but will let her pursue it behind closed doors.  To make a long story short, her wife told her to go into the bedroom and take care of the “problem”. 

My deceased wife was similar to Jenny’s in that she accepted me cross dressing but never the idea I was transgender. Over the years it was impossible for me to convince my spouse my gender dysphoria went deeper than just looking like a woman. Much of that was my fault because I was still learning what a transgender life would look like. In other words, so much more than just putting on a dress for an afternoon. I was trying to patch a huge problem with just a series of band aids.

Going back to Jenny’s post, she was able to overcome her dark moods due to gender dysphoria and assume her “duties” as the Easter patriarch in the family. For a while Jenny was able to restore the gender balance in her life.

Again, I went through many of the same feelings as I mentally purged my feminine thoughts.  But all too often the old feelings would sneak back in and I wondered again and again what my life would be like on the feminine side. 

I fought it to the point of suicide before I finally gave in to what my soul was trying to tell me all along and I started to live full time as a transgender woman. However, I still remember the heartache and duress which went into my transition. 

I wish Jenny and all  of you who might be involved in the same gender dysphoric bind, best wishes on your journey.  


  1. Jenny says:

    Thank you Cyrsti for your support. 🌹It’s wonderful Ladies like you that provide hope and perspective through your blogs. You are those rays of sunshine ❤️

  2. cyrsti says:

    Thanks for your support too! Some days I wonder how bright my sunshine is! 🙂

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