Wow! She Transitioned Well!

Yesterday I wrote a Cyrsti’s Condo post on Nicole Maines transgender character being part of the features in the new DC Comics Pride Anthology issue. At the same time I noticed a post in Femulate from Stana. Without a doubt we all have different distances to travel in our public presentations as we transition genders. 

Take Nicole Maines for example.  She gained “passing privilege early in life from her parents when she was accepted for who she really was. She was “allowed” to not go through testosterone poisoning before and during puberty.  Even to the point of becoming a transgender activist at an early age. I am sure most of us would feel so fortunate to have been in the same situation. 

Now, let’s take Stana fromFemulate for example. In her recent post, she described how she was mistakenly confused by an intake person as being a feminine person. She has always written concerning being a “feminine” male. Again, you can see from her wonderful pictures how well she has transitioned. Or maybe she would argue she didn’t transition at all. She is just living as her authentic self.  

Then, there are the rest of us. All have faced differing levels of being able to try our best to present a feminine image. If you see many true photos on line (which are getting harder and harder to find) you will see many who have struggled with the basics of transitioning.

The sad part, or even tragic part is all of us are only trying to do what comes naturally. Forget the transition word, we were always girls and women. The only beneficial part of not being particular feminine was I was able to fool the bullies and they left me alone. 

My most recent example came yesterday when I went to the Cincinnati VA Hospital for my second vaccine.  When I went in for my first shot, I was mis-gendered at least three times which nearly broke my heart. This time, I gathered my resolve to not get mis-gendered so many times. I spent extra time on my eye makeup, since my eyes would be the only part of my face which would be seen. I also spent extra time trying to style my hair different. Again, looking ahead to wearing a mask.

The good news was this trip I wasn’t mis-gendered at all.  More than likely, the year off from interacting with the public I have gone through has made me lazy when it comes to my feminine presentation. 

At the least, maybe someone will think I transitioned well.


  1. IMHO, you have transitioned well. You look nice!

    Mis-genderings can be “in the gray matter of the beholder” as much as being some failure on the part of the trans girl in question. Been there, seen that a number of times. No, I’m not perfect by any means, and don’t pretend to be. But if the offending party takes “the attiude” to its extreme, they might one day find out the genetic woman they just called “Sir” takes exception to it rather vocally!



    1. cyrsti says:

      Thanks for the comment! I agree totally. Most likely the majority of people I run into who mis gender me do it sort of absent mindlessly.

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