International Women’s Day

 International Women’s Day was yesterday, so yes I am a little late in mentioning it. In many ways I feel justified being late in mentioning it because of how transgender women are largely ignored.  

Since women of all types have been hit so hard by the pandemic, I understand the urgency of any sort of a quality push for gender equality. 

As a woman of transgender experience, I feel added pressure to “fit in” in society. After all, we trans folks, woman or man, have to blend into on some occasions and have to be better on other occasions than our cis gender counterparts. Plus, it’s so much harder to obtain quality employment, housing and insurance which also needs addressed.

So, on this late “International Women’s Day” post, I’m having a difficult time getting enthused. Even though I have been welcomed to play in the cis women’s mailbox on occasion, perhaps it’s my impostor syndrome which is keeping me from feeling totally equal.

Then again, maybe someday the world will catch up to our world and transgender women will truly be able to be included in the Women’s Day observance. 

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