FINALLY, I was able to view the former president fly off to Florida on Air Force One. We now have a leader with a mandate to attack the many major problems we face as a nation.

I feel all of us as transgender women and men see change in a different way. After all, when you consider all the major changes we have had to endure in life, change becomes very personal to us.

In many ways, the former president represented the very same pressures we transgender women and men feel from our families when we decide to live as our authentic selves. By deciding to not mention President Biden’s name in any way, it is similar to a trans person’s father (or mother) refusing to mention the new name of their new daughter or son. 

So, we have a deeper understanding of the hurt the country feels as a whole from the effects of the former president. 

But now we can move forward, which we can understand also in our culture. 

Maybe now, we can have help and acceptance from the administration in Washington.

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