Transgender Influencer?

 Emma Ellingsen is a 19 year old Norwegian model and You Tuber. She is referred to as an “influencer” because people don’t believe she is transgender because of her looks. She is currently going out of her way to tell people all transgender people don’t have to look alike. 

FYI…Emma was able to get a head start on her feminine life by taking puberty blockers at the age of thirteen and HRT at sixteen. And of course, here is her picture:


  1. cyberczar says:

    The key takeaway here is puberty blockers were given to her when she was thirteen. If only more trans- boys and girls could get them as well (we need more trans-educated and supportive pediatricians!) before puberty really starts to set in I think more young adults not only would have a better transition, but would be happier in life with much less dysphoria overall.

    1. cyrsti says:

      You are very right! I agree and thanks so much for the comment 🙂

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