Scared or Petrified?

 In response to Why Men are Scared of Women post, “Micelle” wrote in and commented:

“I believe you hit the nail squarely on the proverbial head when it comes to men. I once had some guy define women, especially wives as chattel.
Back in the earlier years, before the 1900’s, women were often treated as mere servants to the master of the house. They had no opinion nor were allowed to become educated. Their sole purpose in life was to have children, cook clean and tend to the fields/herds.

Spring forward to today’s society and you find that men are still trying to maintain that dominance over women. But unfortunately after WWII, when women maned the manufacturing plants and kept the economy going, men started to lose that dominance. Women became more than just homebound workers. Yes, men regained their place in industry but women learned how to manipulate the industries. They still held the administrative sections. Men tried desperately to maintain the breadwinner position but found that they needed women’s earnings, more to help move up to the better life.

Now in today’s society, women have gained many footholds into the workplace because so many men decided to leave them behind for greener grasses so to speak. Women found that they needed to keep their families going without men. Since 1960, females have maintained a 50.5% ratio in the population and if all indications are correct the female population will become the dominant gender in the world. Also with intersexed births on the rise(at least the ones that are reported) and trans women coming out to the world, many men, who try to be dominate, will have to realize that they are no longer in the driver’s seat. Women have become stronger, smarter and more diverse in their standings in life”

Well put! Thanks!

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