The Aging Summit

Well, I am paid up, signed up and ready to attend the Aging Summit to be held next week. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see one of the transgender women of color I know is going to take on the duties of keynote speaker on day one of the three day event. I also signed up for two of the seminars I saw on issues senior LGBT individual face as they are forced into senior living situations. 

On day one, the session I am signed up for is called “LGBT Aging” and the session will address how aging as an LGBTQ older adult is different than aging as a heterosexual, cisgender older adult, and how we can reflect and honor these differences. 

On day two, the session is called “Resilience Planning for the LGBT Community. ” It really zero’s in on some of my paranoias. Such as the barriers older individuals experience to health, social support and community resources.

This is a virtual summit and there are several other seminars I still may attend. If you by chance are interested in attending, drop me an email to Jessiehart751@yahoo,com and I will send you a link. It costs fifty dollars. 

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