Sports and the Transgender Woman

 Years ago, as I started my Mtf gender transition, I was very concerned about how much baggage I could bring with me from my intense male past. No matter how painful it was, I hid my feminine self well from family and friends. In fact, one of the few cis female friends I told about being transgender said I was the most unlikely person she knew to attempt a gender change. 

Of course, back in my “formative” years, gender norms were more rigidly structured. In the conservative rural Midwest I grew up in, the only real “sports” girls could participate in were cheerleading. Because I could not make it on the sidelines of a football game, I had to participate. I was a very mediocre defensive end and ended my high school “career” prematurely due to a couple broken bones. But, no one suspected I really wanted to be a cheerleader.

Perhaps it was all worth it to hide my gender misgivings. These days though, I find my love of sports has been a lifelong pursuit for me, no matter what gender I was living as. As I did transition, I found three close cis women friends who shared my fondness for sports. All three could sit at a bar drinking beer and watching sports as well as any man. 

So you could guess how great I felt when last night my childhood favorite baseball team finally clinched a spot in the Major League Baseball playoffs. In fact I cried tears of joy… *damn hormones”! And of course I am overjoyed The Ohio State Buckeyes” are due to start playing in a couple weeks. 

Once I got past the worn out gender stereotypes of women and sports, I was able to carry forward a great portion of my previous life. I did find out the hard way to never talk to a man about sports.

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