I “Doesn’t Know It”

As you have probably noticed, things have changed around here in Cyrsti’s Condo. The majority is because Google changed it’s basic blog platform which on my end of things caused my blog to be extremely slow loading. To hopefully help all of that I switched to a much simpler blog format. Along the way, you may notice other changes too. Hopefully they will be positive. In the meantime, lets get back to the subject of the day. The possibility and or terror of doing standup transgender comedy was the subject here of a recent post. Connie had this comment:

 “OK, I can get used to your new design, but how come your blog didn’t show on T Central today?” (I don’t know)
“In my early days of coming out – first to a trans group, and then to my wife – I began writing and performing trans-themed song parodies at trans events. The trans crowd seemed to be receptive to my poking fun at the foibles of having a feminine identity, and what we go through in order to express ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. I expanded my audience by appearing at gay bars, and my act worked well there, too. I was surprised to learn that even a general audience liked what I was doing, although I had to set things up before each song by talking as much as I ended up singing.

When I came out (came to terms?) with my wife, I told her what I had been doing. She came to one of my trans-group shows a couple of weeks later, but she wasn’t impressed. She wanted to know how I could make jokes about something as serious as what the two of us had been dealing with over the prior few weeks. I explained that my gender dysphoria was serious, but all of the things I have to do to live with it can be ridiculous. That’s the message I had to convey to a cis audience, but the LGBT crowd understood it without explanation. My wife accepted it, although she’s still upset that I ruined “Danny Boy” for her by making him a cross dresser.

I don’t think I could ever do straight-up stand up comedy. I’m too comfortable in my own genre, I guess. The important thing, though, is that I only make fun of some of the behaviors that we may exhibit, and not about the human beings we are.”
Thanks for the comment, I will have to try to look into T Central.

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