A Night Out

 Last night Liz and I finally were able to go out to our favorite Creole restaurant for dinner. We were celebrating our ninth year together as a couple. The whole process still amazes me. Essentially she scooped me up off a scrap heap on an on line dating site. She identified as a cis gender lesbian woman in search of another woman. Ironically, she ended up with me. Over the years I have come to view myself as a bit of a hybrid. With the good and bad aspects of both genders. For example, my hormone replacement therapy took away the toxic effects of testosterone but added the problems of the new feelings from the estrogen in my body. Of course I was fortunate in that my health could handle the changes and still does.

Last night was incredible. We were addressed as “ladies” many times as we were able to stay socially distanced. My look was very natural as I was able to get away with just a little eye makeup and my new normal Chap Stick Merlot lipstick. My increasingly long wavy hair was compliments of an after shower mousse and the dress is my black flower print maxi dress. The beer was a local stout brew and the toast goes out to all of you who have visited Cyrsti’s Condo over all these years. Ten to be exact. Thanks to all of you!


  1. Sounds like fun…good for you! And you look wonderful…

  2. cyrsti says:

    Thanks so much! It felt great to get out ! 🙂

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