From Allies to Accomplices

 A transgender ally is a person who supports trans individuals and trans rights. Now a well known transgender activist wants to experience evolution from allies to accomplices. Her name is Geena Rocero (below) an award winning producer, model and trans rights activist. 

Let’s take my partner Liz for example of a person who is a transgender accomplice. Initially (9 years ago) she played a major role of finally shoving me totally out of a part time cross dresser life into a full time transgender existence. An accomplice who has helped me in the world in so many ways. For example, an ally will support pro-trans causes and candidates but may fall short in helping us with rest room issues and/or pronoun usage. In more cases than I can count Liz leads strangers on with my gender by calling me “she or her” So, if you are currently an ally and are looking for an easy way to do more, find out for sure what pronouns your friend wants to use. It can go so far in helping her cope with an existence in her/his chosen gender. If you are dealing with a masculine identifying transgender person. 

Also if you are an accomplice, you have to be prepared for setbacks. Unfortunately, most of the time, all you can do is lend a supportive ear. In my case, I am always prepared to fight my own battles when and if they arise. Ironically, Liz and I do quite a bit of hand holding in public, so I can never really be sure if a persons problem could be coming from us being lesbians and not in anyway because I am transgender. 

In conclusion, if you are an ally or an accomplice bless your heart! You are some of the kindest and most understanding people in the world and we need you! 

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