Connecting more Dots

 I have written here several times here in Cyrsti’s Condo about my possibility of being transgender influenced in my mother’s womb by an drug designed to aid at risk Moms deliver healthy babies. It turns out Michelle has researched the idea farther and had this comment: 

 ” Just as with Sara Michelle, I too may be a DES baby. I could never find out if my mother was given it but with the research I did into the DES era, it was a strong possibility. Back in the 50’s, doctors gave pregnant mothers DES to insure a full term pregnancy happened.I remember feeling and acting like a little girl back in the early years. I didn’t help that the hand me down clothes came from my big sister till I couldn’t fit in them any more. I remember during puberty, when I started developing breasts which I was told by our family doctor that it was just a condition that I would grow out of. Guess what didn’t happen.

I’ve included a CDC link to their finding on DES (Diethylstilbestrol). I also included a link to the DES Action news site which includes information about DES Sons. As you can see the Action site seems to have more info for women but does provide link to other informative sites.”

Thanks Michelle for researching this for us all.  And now another old picture of me from a summer past when I was out walking my old dog in a park.

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