What If?

 This is actually a continuation of the Cyrsti’s Condo post on transgender choice and did any of us actually have any. And finally, why did it happen yo us at all. Of course there is no real answer except it becomes clear to trans people we never had any choice and fighting our gender issues was fruitless. The more I fought mine, the more it tried to kill me. Once I tried to cross the line between being a cross dresser in my mind to really trying to see if I could live successfully as a transgender woman, and succeeded, I knew deep down I could never go back. I felt so natural in a feminine existence. Unfortunately I was totally immersed in a macho male life. Naturally, my life was hell before changes came along and I could live full time as a trans woman. 

I spent hours trying to connect the dots concerning the “why me” of my life. Another person who sent in a comment on nearly the same issue was Sara Michelle :

” I also wonder what choice did I have as well, I was born in 1956 to a mother who had several miscarry’s. I can’t connect the dots either but I suspect from what I have found on the internet that she might have been given DES (diesterstilbastrol) ? not sure on spelling, as I look at it either enough went right/wrong on the final attempt and here I am! And there’s that nagging question “what if ?”

Thanks for the comment! I suppose Connie can come up with suitable idea of what to write to describe when life gives you lemons, make sure you make it lemon based makeup!

Early picture of me as a cross dresser

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