The Alzheimer Meeting

As I previously wrote here in Cyrsti’s Condo, Monday I virtually attended a LGBTQ Alzheimer Association meeting. It’s all part of my continuing effort to learn more what  I am possibly facing in the years ahead as a transgender woman. 

It turned out the moderator is the person I knew previously from the other Rainbow elderly group I am part of. He did a great job of explaining to the others what the difference between (among other things) a transgender person and a drag queen is as he compared Laverne Cox to RuPaul. I learned several things I wasn’t sure of including where the “cis” term came from. It originates from a Latin term according to the moderator. 

More importantly, I learned I wasn’t alone in being paranoiac about my future, especially if I follow down my Fathers footsteps into dementia. The Alzheimer Association has taken LGBTQ survey’s which found a majority of people taking the survey fear for their basic rights when and if they have to go into an assisted living facility. 

On the positive side, there were several attendees who were relatively new to the LGBTQ community. Hopefully, they gained quite a bit of knowledge towards understanding the fears we have.


    1. cyrsti says:

      Plus, they did a really good job 🙂

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