Bucket List

I am spoiled. Over my life, I have accomplished much of what I set out to do. Long ago I was told there was no way I could become a part of the American Forces Radio and Television Service as I was drafted into the Army. Well, I did and was sent to three continents over three years. Destiny was on my side.

Destiny was to stay on my side in the years to come with the birth of my cherished daughter. Then, I was able to embark on a twenty five year relationship with a woman I loved deeply and was able to establish myself  in a successful career in a male dominated world. In other words, I accomplished almost everything in my bucket list except the biggest desire of all. I wanted to be a transgender woman, full time. 

As it turned out, destiny was on my side again and I was able to even accomplish the very difficult goal of living a feminine life. All of a sudden my bucket list became full again as I looked for things to do as a transgender woman I had never done before. In other words, today, my bucket list remains very empty. In fact, I can only think of a couple items which are still in my bucket. 

At my age, (70) my list has become very simple. One is my desire (once it becomes safe again) I want to go with Liz to a couple local lesbian bars. Also, one of the good things about having a bucket list at my age is you forget what is in it. For example, I can’t think of right now what was the second part of my idea about his post. I will get back to you when I remember.

I guess you say my bucket has quite a few holes in it!


  1. Sometimes we get to thinking we stored our memory in a spaghetti strainer (colander)! LOL!

  2. cyrsti says:

    So true! I guess I did!

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