No Choice

With the upcoming election, it’s getting clearer and clearer the choice we are looking at on the ballot. As the nation continues to be embroiled in well deserved protests and the Covid 19 threatens to overwhelm us again. the administration in Washington continues to take our transgender rights away.

If for some reason you are still confused what it means to your present or your future if you decide to live a trans life, it is worth it for you to read up on exactly what is in it.. Among other things, in the future, you could be refused care at a physicians office because you are transgender.

The message is clear folks, Biden is far from the perfect candidate but the current evil idiot is a disaster. Further more, if you tell me you just aren’t going to vote, or vote for a third party candidate, you are telling me you are indirectly voting for the evil transphobic idiot who occupies the White House currently.  

Buckle up kids, It’s going to be a rough road ahead! 

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