The Mechanic

The trip to get the oil changed at the mechanic was predictably uneventful. First of all, social distancing was being practiced so there weren’t very many customers in the place to start with. Plus the rest of the customers and a few of the employees were all wearing masks. The guys actually doing all of the work weren’t so I hope they were not Covid positive. 
All paranoia aside. since we are regulars in the store, no one paid us much mind. They are always happy to see our money. Of course, with our luck, something as easy as an oil change couldn’t go over without a hitch. It was filter change time too, and the place didn’t have the filters they needed to finish the job. So now we have to go back when the filters get there. 
Now, at the least, we have another excuse to go out somewhere.

In other areas too, life is looking as if it may return to a sense of normalcy for us. Liz received a text from her boss today saying she possibly may be going back to work (from home) next week. 

I am looking forward to going out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants one of these weeks. Most places are reopening with guidelines in place. I guess I am fortunate in my self esteem is not connected with how I dress everyday. I know when I wake up who I am. I am unfortunate in that my depression stems from being bi-polar. I have been under it’s influence for so long, after a few relapses (such as yesterday) I know what to expect. 

On occasion though, I do feel guilty about not being able to write about the frilly feminine aspects for me being transgender. Reality tells me the next time I will possibly get dressed up will be for my youngest grandson’s bar mitzfah which will be coming up on a very limited scale later in June. 

In the meantime, I will have to do with what I have!  


  1. Keep moving forward. You posts remain interesting to me, so I hope you keep writing. Take care.

  2. cyrsti says:

    I am so glad my posts remain of interest to you. It makes it all worthwhile!

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