Public Feedback

Michelle commented on the Cyrsti’s Condo “Dysphoria” post:

“One of the things about Dysphoria is that we seem to have an over whelming need to have others confirm what we already know about who we are. If you really look at it, you already do have some public feedback through this site. I don’t know if you have a counter on it but just the fact that you get comments from others shows that you are getting the confirmation. Hopefully soon this quarantine will be over and many of the places we have frequented in the past will be open for business. Also remember that what we see in the mirror is not always what others see. We tend to be harder on ourselves than what others perceive.”

All great comments! I do on occasion get feedback from all three social media/blogging platforms I am on…it still doesn’t seem to impact my “forever” curse of transgender dysphoria. I guess I am fortunate enough I don’t have to get up everyday and get totally dressed for the mirror since the only other people who see me daily don’t care. I am who I am to them. 
I guess, the past is just so hard to get rid of! Used to tell people I had more baggage than a freight train! Every now and then the train slows down enough I can rearrange the baggage.

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