A Day Out?

Anymore, Sunday has replaced Saturday as our “market” day. This morning though, Liz was feeling bad with a headache, so this Sunday morning changed around for me significantly. 
First of all, I went through my wardrobe and found a pair of distressed jeans I haven’t worn for awhile. I tossed them in the laundry yesterday and surprisingly they fit me well. From there I found a matching lightweight soft sweater and decided it was time to put on some makeup and get ready.

Getting ready for me still involves some shaving. Since I am blessed to have a light beard anyhow which is predominantly gray these days I don’t have to seek out expensive painful electrologist sessions to look my best. From beginning to end on a normal day, getting ready to go takes approximately fifteen minutes to apply my makeup. This morning though, I took the extra step of wearing ear-rings. I felt I needed to, to insure the piercing holes in my ears are still open. Which they were.

After all this effort though, it was still unclear if Liz felt good enough to go at all. After a couple cups of coffee she felt good enough for a partial trip to our pharmacy. From there she decided she still had to go to the market for a few essentials. By this time, I was regretting not bringing my mask so I had to stay in the car  to be safe. 

For once, the wait wasn’t very long, plus I was still enjoying being out, no pun intended! Finally, on the way home I offered to buy us lunch to go at our favorite local BBQ venue. I happened to see the owner this morning on the local news speaking on the difficulties the virus has caused local, home owned small businesses.

I am especially sensitive to restaurants since I spent most of my career in them. So we headed to their store front and ordered lunch out of our meager funds and felt good about supporting them. Please make sure you are supporting your local small businesses too!

So much for my exciting day out.


  1. Something tells me that lots of us have been experiencing days like that! And if a second wave of virus hits this fall, it may be even more of them. I hope the forecasts are wrong!

  2. cyrsti says:

    I do too! I do too !

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