Nobody “Made” Me

I do quite a bit of skimming of my email feeds to try to seek out topics to write posts about. Naturally, sometimes I run into quite a bit of interesting material, then again on days like today, not so much.

The closest I could come was a post I read which referred to being “made” into a transgender person. The post referred to some sort of a deep dark trans force which seized us and made us the way we are. It is still difficult for many people in everyday society to understand we didn’t have a choice the way our life has unfolded. Many people still don’t know if we continue to live in the gender we were born in either leads to a life of misery as a best case scenario or suicide at it’s worst. To be sure we did not “choose” such a life.

Years ago, after one of my all out Halloween “costume” attempts, two of my close cis women friends brought up the party and said “I made a good looking woman.” For one of the few times of my life I was speechless.  Finally, I blurted out something like “a lot of good it did me.” 

What really happened was for a change I had aligned my inner self with how I projected my gender into society and it worked. Looking back on it years later, I wish I had thought of saying I wished I had a power to make someone.

It’s also true though, I shouldn’t have looked a gift horse in the mouth (or other places of it’s anatomy) and just accepted the compliment. In all fairness, I still had decades of growth and learning in a feminine world to be able to know how to conduct myself. So, if I was “made” as a woman. So be it.

Unfortunately, the times I had to try to show my feminine side in public were limited to once a year at Halloween. Plus, when I started to experiment more and more in the feminine world, I was made as a man in a dress. 

I do feel these days, the tide is slowly changing (even with the current administration in Washington) and transgender women and men are beginning to be viewed with some sense of normalcy. 

Perhaps now people will understand we trans folks were born this way and didn’t have a choice. More respect should follow.

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