Transphobia is Real

Recently I read a story on Facebook from a person I know who is a transgender short haul truck driver. I have been fortunate enough to have been around her since her earliest struggles with coming out during the cross dresser – transgender support group meetings I have attended on and off for years now. I have seen her tentative steps out of the closet and into the world. It turns out yesterday, she had a very traumatic experience at one of her stops where she was delivering freight.  Being as family orientated as I can, the guy checking in the delivery went off on a loud tangent to other workers on how there was a tr-nny in the office who wanted to perform some sort of sex act on him.

My friend Vennessa  definitely  took it better than I could have. She calmly finished her business and left. I am fairly sure I would have asked to talk to his boss.

It’s a shame transphobia still has to exist in the world today and I know I am speaking to the choir by bringing it up in the blog. Plus, it’s probably true the guy in question also had a few dresses stashed away in his closet or watches gay porn.

As I go about my life in the little cocoon I have constructed, I am so fortunate to be accepted as my true self. It’s rare when I go out without my partner Liz who contributes to some sort of normalcy to the general public. It’s exceedingly rare when we encounter anyone who questions my genderality. Plus the groups of people we are involved with all accept me for who I am.

Even still, I am always on guard for the time again when I will encounter the hate of gender transphobia.


  1. Been there done that…had an incident a while back at the local pharmacy.

    The male clerk took exception to my women’s stirrup pants and blouse outfit, and made a Big F—— Deal out of it. I handled him tactfully and appropriately, but his only problem was that both a female peer (who was offended by his rant) and his female manager heard him. He was fired shortly thereafter, and I ended up with a nice gift card from the manager. Quick Karma Indeed.

    Interesting thought about “wondering if he might have a few dresses in his closet!”


  2. cyrsti says:

    I am so glad you received some sort of resolution to your problem! Glad the person got fired too!

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