Be Careful What you Eat

Anymore, I try to consider what I am ordering to eat at restaurants. In other words, I try not to order bone in chicken wings which I have to pick up and eat like a guy.

Last night though I ended up with a sticky situation in a BBQ restaurant we go to often. If I am just with Liz, I don’t care so much since I already know I am already totally accepted but with others I try to do better. 

I did break down and order a pulled pork brisket sandwich which of course I had to add extra sauce. At that time, the only other person eating with us was another woman who knows and accepts me well. So, I thought I could eat most of my dinner before a man I didn’t know joined us later.  

Actually, with the help of a fork, the dinner didn’t go too badly. I managed not to slop BBQ sauce all over myself and since I wasn’t wearing much lipstick at all, I didn’t have to worry about that. Thank goodness for Chapstick tinted lip gloss. 

In some ways I consider eating like a woman is one of the last transitional transgender frontiers. After all you have to be good enough to get to your seat in a venue without half the world staring. For the most part I am past all of that paranoia and simply try to stand up straight and walk to my seat. And, as I always write…confidence is a trans girls best friend. 

Once you get to your table though, don’t forget to give yourself a break and don’t be a slob. Be careful what you eat and don’t get BBQ sauce all over your new sweater!

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