She Read my Mind

As you stress out on a daily basis on what you are going to wear to best express your feminine self, I bet along the way you have thought it must be wonderful to be a cis woman and not have to worry so much. 

If the truth be known, the only advantage cis women have over transgender women and/or cross dressers is practice and feedback. Of course they have years of practice dressing feminine and plenty of feedback if they happen to do it right or wrong. Usually, by the time we get to live as our authentic selves, we have quite a bit of catching up to do. 

I can attest it is easy to get into a rut once you start to live full time for an extended amount of time. 

Imagine my amazement when I saw my life in writing on the “Total Image Consultant” blog which to my knowledge has nothing to do with the transgender world at all:

“Dear Cyrsti,
As a business woman with a full schedule, I get it – how easy it is to shift into autopilot, put on the same top and pants each week, day after day, and go about your tasks without ever checking in on yourself and your true desires.

Have you ever had that feeling that who the world is seeing on the outside is not the woman you truly are on the inside?

Years ago I struggled with this a lot. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I felt different from others, but also wanted to blend in and feel accepted, but nothing I did worked. I tried dressing like the women I saw, but somehow they always looked better. It took me a while, but I finally realized that trying to be a poor imitation of another person was not going to help me feel fulfilled and authentically me! That was a big awakening and I also knew I had to learn HOW to express my own brand of uniqueness. Ahhhh, what a difference that made!

And, that’s why I was thrilled when my friend (and conscious fashion stylist) Amanda Weil told me she was hosting an interview series all around this topic and weaving in personal style as a way to embody your true self and feel seen, valuable, and ALIVE. Even more exciting, I’m one of the experts she’s invited on the series to help guide you to embody your true self!”

Wow! I don’t believe I have ever read something a “civilian” wrote describing me so well! I hope you got as much out of it as I did!


  1. Excellent! You’ve had some good responses lately…keep it up!

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