Thanks for the Input!

I am on several other blogging and social media platforms with my Cyrsti’s Condo Blog. In fact, I have several great friends who follow posts on Facebook. A couple of these friends I was fortunate to meet in person, years ago. Recently one of them, Jen sent me this comment concerning our journey as transgender women and men:

“Im sure it’s a journey that isn’t a bed of roses. I’m sure most people don’t understand so much especially about this subject. I think its important to have light on this and along with many other struggles people face. I have no doubt that the victories are won when its realized how strong one has become through the struggles, pain and finally becoming the living story that says you can do anything you set your mind to and love yourself and be who you are even when no one else doesn’t accept you. 

Many like to turn their noses or point the finger while all along, they have their own skeletons and struggles they hide and hate on others. I applaud you, I applaud the one suffering silently, the one that suffers publicly and the one who takes that first step and the many others that you yourself and the others that you have shared about.the struggles and victories are a testimony and inspire me. Thank you.”…  Thank you Jen! You inspire me!❤

On another subject, Connie wrote in on the “Rude Paul” post commenting on my speculation that Paul was yet another old, cis gender male rump supporter:

“Well, I’m sure that Trump is a Paul supporter. Not that he supports his lifestyle, necessarily, but he seems to hold admiration for anyone who can turn a buck by using their “personality” to garner favor from the public. Even if it is more like the appeal of a train wreck, playing to the fools who would be attracted to whatever they are selling is Trump’s MO. Of course, it’s not so much the product, but the self-branding that is important to their successes. B.T. Barnum depended on the “sucker born every minute,” and knew that he could still sell circus tickets to the very people he publicly deemed to be suckers. Trump and Paul are no different, except that they have the ability to use modern technology to draw many more people into their circuses.”

Imagine rump watching drag race at the White House and trying to figure out how he can rip off more votes by watching it?

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