It’s Nice to be Wanted

I missed posting yesterday in the Cyrsti’s Condo blog because I was traveling north to my oldest grandson’s birthday party.

It usually is a positive experience as most all the parties are held at my daughter’s in laws in Dayton,Ohio. where I am fortunate to be accepted for who I have become. 

I was lucky yesterday when my daughter texted me and reminded me of the address again where I was going. I for some reason had forgotten and thought the party was next weekend. I barely had enough time to get ready, stop for gas, pick up a card, go to the bank machine and withdraw a cash gift for my grandson. 

The problem was, the place I was going was an hour away. Somehow I was able to do a fairly respectful job on makeup and hurriedly put together an outfit of leggings, sweater and boots. 

One of these days I am trying to remind myself to thank the whole family for accepting me. They seem to take it for granted but it means so much to me.

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