I  spent a sleepless night recently thinking about many topics. After a while, my mind came to thinking about this upcoming years’ Trans Ohio Symposium. After making the initial determination I was going to apply again to be a presenter, I began to think about the all important topic.

The title of the topic is so important because it draws people into your workshop. You normally compete with four others for people. If the topic sounds boring you can expect quite a few less visitors. An example was two years ago when the organizers put me in a huge round room and only five people showed up. Last year though, my workshop was in one of the smaller rooms and it was nearly full.

Very early in the process, I am thinking of doing something like this, “A transition within a transition. The cross dresser to transgender experience.” I am going to the trouble of writing it down now so I won’t forget it.

By the way, the Trans Ohio Symposium doesn’t happen until May but the committee in charge asks for submissions early in the year. 

It’s probably time to get started.

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