All in all. last night’s Halloween party at a local tavern was a success. I ate an authentic gyro (for once), was able to sit in a seat I was able to move around a bit and overall, had a good time. 

Of course with my back, any seat becomes uncomfortable within a two hour time frame. I took my ibuprofen ahead of time last night to buy me a little extra time. I was also able to enjoy three milk stout craft beers from a local brewery. If you are not familiar, a milk stout brew, is a very dark beer with a creamy head (top) and high alcoholic content.

As far as costumes went, there were a few creative ones within the group, but not many in the tavern. It was too bad a cross dresser didn’t slip in we didn’t know so we could critique them. 

I found two pictures this morning to share. The first is Liz and I:

The second is the person from the group whom I consider to be the best transitioned trans woman in the group. Her name is Emily and she came last night with her boyfriend.

We even stayed out late for us…11 pm! After all, The Ohio State Buckeyes play at noon today (Saturday). 

If you all have a chance to enjoy Halloween this weekend, I hope you have fun!

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