Blue Skies

For the first time in weeks, I am starting to feel better. 

I am sure it helps that all my critical heart tests are coming back normal. Whatever normal may be for me. Of course I still have pulmonary, colon and the final (I hope) X=ray on my ankle to go.

I also had my two mental check ups the last two days. For once, I needed both of their help. It will be interesting to see if all the survey’s and interviews I filled out with the VA are effective. I wasn’t in the best state of mind when I did them. 

Included in my conversation with my therapist was my unfortunate cross dresser ugly interaction. 

Which Connie commented on:

 “Are you saying that, if you spent a whole lot of time worrying about what others think of you, you’d still be cross dressing, yourself? I remember having the revelation that I was cross dressing, but I had come to know that I wasn’t a cross dresser. Had I continued to be afraid of what others would think of me, should I transition, I would have retreated back to the closet completely. There’s nothing wrong with cross dressing, but it tends to lead to frustration, eventually, if one is not a cross dresser. It’s like being a singer who is only allowed to lip-synch or, at best, nailing it at karaoke.
Hmm, maybe I have just pissed off a few cross dressers, myself.”
I meant if I worried about transitioning as a transgender person into a feminine life as far as what others thought, I would have never done it. So, I agree with you, I would have found a closet that eventually would have killed me. 
As far as cross dressers, or anyone else goes, I try my best not to stereotype.  Which I guess I failed at miserably Saturday night. 

This comes very close to saying it all!

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