More Ideas

Connie had a comment concerning my Cyrsti’s Condo post about trying to establish yourself in a feminine sense before anyone else has a chance to do otherwise:

“Another way to firmly establish that you are “she” is to refer to yourself using feminine terms. You could say things like: I’m not your average housewife; I’ve been so busy, even Wonder Woman would be challenged; or I like to be helpful – but it’s not like I consider myself to be a heroine or anything. I like to work into the conversation “femme fatale” when referring to myself (well, I could be one if I wanted to). 😉 “

Femme fatale would work beautifully as you water your flowers!

Or look at it this way, you could be like Geena Rocero ( Transgender Playmate) who makes her swimsuits out of natural materials.  Just an idea! 

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