Noggin Check

Once again it is time to make the journey to see my long time therapist. Normally (no pun intended) there is not much exciting to write about. Seemingly we always take the same pre-mandated tests and she always asks the same questions. All of it is good I guess because no news is good news.

My point is, even though I haven’t needed my therapist’s help for literally years now, since I changed over my gender markers and needed her assistance in starting hormone replacement therapy.

Plus, since Ohio is switching over to the new national driver’s license identification cards. I was thinking I might need some sort of letter to help it along. Or, I may need to get a pass port and need some sort of a letter for that. I have over a year to iron out the final details, so I have plenty of time.

I am a firm believer in “never say never”, so I never know when I will have to ask for her help again. Perhaps when and if Ohio approves gender changes on birth certificates..

Being a transgender person, I know it is the “gift” which keeps on giving.

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